Ninja Classroom Qualities Posters

For a year long theme centred on ‘Classroom Ninjas’ we created a set of classroom qualities based on the ‘Ninjutsu Code’.

Specifically we decided that Classroom Ninjas:

  • are neither seen nor heard…
  • dream – imagine – invent.
  • have learned that tidiness is serenity…
  • know what is right, fair and true.
  • know that more is achieved together, than alone.
  • know that to be trusted, they must be trustworthy.
  • are responsible for their own behaviour.
  • help, not hinder.
  • look confident and brave, even when they’re not.
  • see the glass is half-full, not half-empty.
  • know they can – eventually – do almost anything.
  • are keen to join in, keen to try new activities and keen to learn new skills.

I hope your classroom Ninjas are equally gifted!

orange-downloadDownload the Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts PDF file (1.8Mb)


Sample thumbnails of the posters.

Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_01Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_02Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_03Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_04Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_05Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_06Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_07Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_08Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_09Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_10Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_11Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_12

Ninja Classroom Qualities Charts 2_Page_13

3 thoughts on “Ninja Classroom Qualities Posters

  1. Kristen

    Thank you for your ninja code esp. love “are keen to join in, keen to try new activities and keen to learn new skills”! My media center is going to be a dojo this year!

  2. Flynx Post author

    Hi Kristen, thank you for lovely comment. Ninjas are (is?) a great theme for the class with lots of crossover possible into other areas. We’re working on a Japanese themed musical for school for 2016, and I started a Pinterest board for Ninjas. There might be some useful material there for you.

  3. Mahran Abou Fakhr

    Thank you very much for sharing this code! I use ninja entrance in my art room. this ninjutsu code is very useful to explain more about ninja behavior for my students understand better. thanks again.

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