Bonsai Samurai

Bonsai Samurai!

Bonsai Samurai!

K-10 | 2016 | Facing a bleak future in the family rice-fields, Hiroki, a short, self-centred Japanese boy with aspirations of becoming a Samurai is humiliated by treacherous soldiers intent on taking the Chrysanthemum Throne and teams up with an unlikely band of ancient spirits to defeat them. But when he is offered a chance to achieve his dream at the expense of his sister and the others, he must learn that loyalty is a quality best returned, especially if he is to outsmart the traitorous Emperor’s minister and save both his friends and the Imperial Princess.

Compass Rose & the Birdnesters

Compass Rose and the Birdnesters (Poster)

Compass Rose and the Birdnesters

K-9 | 2014 | A headstrong young girl’s dreams of being a world famous explorer are tested when she’s marooned on a distant island with a nasty gang of Pirates-turned-egg thieves.


Cabbage Patch Dragon

Cabbage Patch Dragon - msuical

K-8 | 2011 | 100 minutes | A Duke on the verge of losing his duchy finds a dragon in his prized cabbage patch – and everyone, including the wizards, bandits, damsels, knights and gardeners wants a piece of the action.


Conundrum, the Musical

Years K-7 | 1993 | 105 minutes | Where do jokes come from? You’ll soon find out when a young girl – with absolutely no sense of humour – is kidnapped by the Joke Gnomes and tricked into locating the Great Book of Jokes.


Heroes Musical

Years 6-10 | 1998 | 120 minutes | Yes, it’s Jason and the mighty Argonauts! Except that Jason is a sandal salesman and the Argonauts are a little past their prime. But there’s a fleece to be found and a princess to be wooed, so it’s sail ho-ho-ho.

Highland Fling

Highland Fling

Adult | 1993 | 120 minutes | Och aye the noo! Step back in time to when a Scotsman was a real Scotsman and nothing was worn under the kilt. A theatre restaurant show with haggis.



Years K-7 | 2006 | 50 minutes | A joyous celebration of Christmas with all the well-loved characters – and camels!

Willow Blues

Willow Blues

Year levels 5-10 | 2000 | 120 minutes | If you look closely at a Willow Pattern Plate you can see a story, frozen in the glaze. Willow Blues is their story, told from the perspective of both the English potter and the Chinese characters.



Years K-7 | 2001 | 120 minutes | Set in a quaint Cornish town, Wreckers has pirates, ghosts, inquisitive children, sea monsters, lighthouses and things that go bump in the night.

Your Place Or Mine?

Your Place Or Mine

Adult | 2006 | 90 minutes | What really happened when two famous explorers met in the Great Australian Bight over 200 years ago? ‘Your Place Or Mine’ tells, in true theatre restaurant style, the real (as in untold and undocumented) story of the events surrounding Baudin and Flinders meeting.

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