Free Japanese Language Posters

I made this set of basic Japanese Language Posters for our school classrooms. Each has the Romaji for simple greetings, introductions and phrases, the hiragana / katakana equivalents below and the equivalent English above. There’s a simple pronunciation guide in the top right hand corner and a QR code link to a pronunciation site. ¬†Download via the pdf link below. Japanese Posters: school Japanese Posters: phrases Japanese Posters: Introductions Japanese Posters: Manners Japanese Posters: Greetings download¬†Japanese Language Posters (pdf)

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2 thoughts on “Free Japanese Language Posters

  1. Kim

    Thank you for these cute posters! I look forward to putting them in my classroom this fall. One thing – there are several typos in the hiragana. Baka, mama, demo are the wrong words, and sayounara is missing the “u”.

    But thank you for making these!

  2. Flynx Post author

    Thanks Kim for the kind comments. Thanks too for spotting the errors; hopefully I can get them all fixed up soon!

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