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FE Snap ScreenshotEach week I take photos of our Primary School merit cards for inclusion in the school newsletter. I usually use my iPhone, but I really don’t need the high resolution the camera provides; 640 x 480 would be more than enough. The iPhone doesn’t provide this ‘downgrading’ of functionality itself, so I’ve been using the nifty ‘FastEver Snap’, a photo app that automatically (well usually automatically) uploads the photos to Evernote, using a resolution I choose. The app is simple and straight forward.

  1. Set a resolution in options.
  2. Link your Evernote account and select a folder.
  3. Take your photos.

To further simplify my workflow I lay the phone in the top drawer of a transparent plastic document box. With the drawer fully extended I can place the student merit cards beneath, then trigger the iPhone camera with my earbuds – less shakes! At home, I open Evernote, sync then select the picture-notes. These are then saved to a folder for placement into the newsletter inDesign file. Quick and easy!


Along with changing the photo resolution you can opt to:

  • save the pictures to the camera roll
  • use a grid
  • reset tags after saving
  • preview
  • upload over wifi only
  • add tags
  • write a title


Just one; every so often the photos refuse to upload and the counter sits there spinning. Usually a logout / login to Evernote fixes this.


If you have Evernote, this is one handy tool. If you don’t have Evernote, the ability to select camera resolutions is useful, especially if you don’t want to fill your disk space with high-res photos. FastEver Snap on the iTune Store

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