Earth Sandwich

For the uninitiated, an ‘Earth Sandwich’ is created when

“two slices of bread are simultaneously placed on opposite sides of the Earth”

with of course the obligatory ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ from the two people on different sides of the world. Like these below from the Irish Examiner news site.

There’s lots of info on creating an earth sandwich at  and this tool will help you in working where your earth sandwich counterpart will be.

Unfortunately for Australians, the ‘top’ of our earth sandwich ‘bottom’ is going to be mid-Atlantic Ocean, although Perth ALMOST matches Bermuda (missed it by ‘that’ much!) and some parts of New Zealand just squeeze in, with their ‘tops’ in Spain.

Even if Aussies can only be part of an open sandwich, the concept is a fun one to explore with students.

  • Which countries are on opposite sides of the Earth?
  • Who could dig a hole through to China?
  • Who are on opposite sides of the equator?
  • What are antipodes?


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