Dramatic Music App (Ta Da!)

Dramatic Music App is a bright, colourful and easy-to-use soundboard, just perfect for the Drama classroom and a steal (cue ‘suspense’) at just $0.99

It features four main screens with speech-bubble shaped buttons that activate a comprehensive range of usefully dramatic music. The music is high quality (and sounds even better through a decent set of speakers) and both teachers and students will find it easy to access. Operation is a breeze; tap once to start (the button changes colour) and tap again to end.

A screen in the night…

Dramatic Music App - the 'emotions' screen.Screen one – emotions – is definitely dramatic: there’s suspense, whimsy, fail and a joyful ‘happy ending’. Screen two is events oriented, with music for duels, weddings, game shows and, um, dying…. Screen three features musical genre loops including funk, hip-hop, house and somehow fitting for many Drama lessons, ‘children’ and ‘chaos’. Screen four is more individual instruments with a great kazoo, a gong and a very handy drum roll.

Each screen also has five extra mini-buttons buttons at the bottom. These are shorter musical samples, with a few sound effects thrown in. These are available after an in-app purchase ($0.99)

Lesson ideas

  • Discuss the use of music in movies, TV dramas and on the radio.
  • Play a random sound / musical item. Have the class identify the style / emotion.
  • Juice up class plays with appropriate sounds and music.
  • Assign a Dramatic Music App iPod / iPad to the more reluctant Drama students. Have them notate a script with cues for appropriate music or sound FX.
  • Challenge students to create a group play that uses all the sounds one screen in sequence.
  • Create a play that uses just one sound / musical item but in an amusing way.
  • Play random sounds and have students improvise actions to it. Eg. play the drum roll or gong.
  • Use it to ‘announce’ visitors or guest speakers at your next class assembly.

Dramatic versions

The Dramatic Music App is fun, uesful and simple to use. You can’t make or add your own sounds but as a classroom tool and as a gentle introduction to the wider world of soundboards it’s money well spent.


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