iDoceo Update

For all you iDoceo users out there, version 3 is available for download and it looks like a beauty. There’s a bunch of iPad classroom organisation / mark-books / programs out there but I’ve stuck with iDoceo because: It’s fully featured – I’m still finding things it can do and experimenting with the possibilities. It’s

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Year 2 Technology: The Three Pigs

The Three Pigs is a wonderfully rich starting point for a technology and design unit. Students can investigate house plans, material strength, hinges and how they work, cooking utensils, wolf-trap making and lots more! Here’s the unit sheet for the Year 2 topic I taught, complete with simple rubric and parental explanation.  Technology Plan: The Three

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Bullying Posters 2014

We’ve just updated our bullying policy and needed to change our classroom posters to reflect this. The first two original posters here have been altered to include more cyber-bullying aspects. The third poster was redesigned completely to better follow the more responsive policy of conflict resolution we’ve adopted and show the cyclical (as opposed to linear)

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Ninja Classroom Qualities Posters

For a year long theme centred on ‘Classroom Ninjas’ we created a set of classroom qualities based on the ‘Ninjutsu Code’. Specifically we decided that Classroom Ninjas: are neither seen nor heard… dream – imagine – invent. have learned that tidiness is serenity… know what is right, fair and true. know that more is achieved together, than alone.

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Rapa Nui Language Resources

Rapa Nui – the language – is spoken by a minority of Easter Island’s population. Figures suggest perhaps 800 out the 3700 or so inhabitants. I wanted to include some authentic Rapa Nui language in the script for my new musical ‘Compass Rose’, though I’m not convinced I’ve achieved it!. There aren’t a huge number of resources

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Printable Paper

Printable Paper is a top resource for teachers – and students – with a huge range (1300+ and counting) of paper templates, graph paper, lined paper and music paper. It’s all free, it’s all organised beautifully (just don’t click on the occasional ‘Start Download’ ad links) and there’s no registration needed. Try these pages: Graph

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Pirate Island Assessment Sheet

It’s amazing how much inspiration you can produce with just a couple of props. This time around it was two flat-style palm trees that were left in our drama area after a storeroom cleanup. We moved them onto the stage and improvised a series of ‘Pirate Island’ adventures, with an emphasis on ‘beginning / middle

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My first attempts at creating an animated visual of a journey (some 15 years ago) were laborious and frustrating and involved taking multiple screenshots of a small plane graphic as I moved it across a blurry background map. Now you can purchase dedicated map-journey software such as PriMap or use freebie (yay!) online tools such

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Rapanui Kickstarter Project

My Google alert feed on all things Rapa Nui (my latest musical ‘Compass Rose’  is set there) suggested this great Kickstarter Project: ‘Vai –  The Story of Water On Rapa Nui‘. Paleoecologist Dr. Candice Gossen plans to create a documentary film covering 15,000 years of Rapa Nui history and, in her own words: “Tell you

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360Cities Rapa Nui Panoramas

I love the colourful and personal world-view that Google Maps and  Street View have brought to my classroom. I’ve now added 360Cities to my teaching toolkit as they take Street View and turn it into an immersive (you guessed it!) 360 degree panorama. I’m writing a children’s musical set on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and

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