Earth Sandwich

For the uninitiated, an ‘Earth Sandwich’ is created when “two slices of bread are simultaneously placed on opposite sides of the Earth” with of course the obligatory ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ from the two people on different sides of the world. Like these below from the Irish Examiner news site. There’s lots of info

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Okeanos Ocean Explorer

The Okeanos Explorer is a US federally funded research ship, assigned to ‘systematically explore our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge’. There’s a live feed happening between April 27 and May 19, 2017 where the ship will collect information about deepwater areas in the Pacific. During that time the

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SunSmart Training

It’s the summer term here in Australia, which means students have to wear hats during playtime at school. The SunSmart site came up while researching ideas for ‘No Hat/ No Play’ signs for our schoolyard. After a quick registration, I completed the online teacher training. It’s pretty basic – quizzes, animations, text to read – but provides

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Spot the Station

NASA has a handy service so you can know ‘when to look up’ and see the International Space Station. Head on over to Clock the ‘Sign up for alerts’ button. Select your country, state / region and city. As a proud South Australian I was limited to four somewhat peculiar choices: Adelaide, Leigh Creek, Peterborough

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Rapanui Kickstarter Project

My Google alert feed on all things Rapa Nui (my latest musical ‘Compass Rose’  is set there) suggested this great Kickstarter Project: ‘Vai –  The Story of Water On Rapa Nui‘. Paleoecologist Dr. Candice Gossen plans to create a documentary film covering 15,000 years of Rapa Nui history and, in her own words: “Tell you

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