If you don’t ask…

I made this poster as part of a classroom conversation around courtesy. It was in response to students ‘borrowing’ other students equipment without permission or assuming they could use (often finite) classroom resources without checking with the teacher first. We discussed what sort of things students needed to check in with and what they didn’t.

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Free Japanese Language Posters

I made this set of basic Japanese Language Posters for our school classrooms. Each has the Romaji for simple greetings, introductions and phrases, the hiragana / katakana equivalents below and the equivalent English above. There’s a simple pronunciation guide in the top right hand corner and a QR code link to a pronunciation site.  Download

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Bullying Posters 2014

We’ve just updated our bullying policy and needed to change our classroom posters to reflect this. The first two original posters here have been altered to include more cyber-bullying aspects. The third poster was redesigned completely to better follow the more responsive policy of conflict resolution we’ve adopted and show the cyclical (as opposed to linear)

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Ninja Classroom Qualities Posters

For a year long theme centred on ‘Classroom Ninjas’ we created a set of classroom qualities based on the ‘Ninjutsu Code’. Specifically we decided that Classroom Ninjas: are neither seen nor heard… dream – imagine – invent. have learned that tidiness is serenity… know what is right, fair and true. know that more is achieved together, than alone.

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Printable Paper

Printable Paper is a top resource for teachers – and students – with a huge range (1300+ and counting) of paper templates, graph paper, lined paper and music paper. It’s all free, it’s all organised beautifully (just don’t click on the occasional ‘Start Download’ ad links) and there’s no registration needed. Try these pages: Graph

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Classroom Rights & Responsibilities

Here are three posters sets from my classroom. The first chart in each set lists five rights children have as students. The second chart lists the relevant responsibilities these create. The third chart lists ten class rules that will help safeguard students’ rights and guide their responsibilities. I use adaptations in my Drama and Music

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