Sync Music Playlists – collapsing all

When I sync my iTunes playlists with my iPad or iPhone, the playlists are – by default – all expanded. Collapsing these, all scrolling to the bottom can be quite frustrating and time consuming. However… Clicking with Ctrl + Down Arrow on any of the expand / collapse triangles will collapse all the playlists. Brilliant!

Socrative polling app

I saw the Socrative student polling app demonstrated at the Music Ednet ‘Daytime‘ music conference. Socrative is free (basic use) and consists of a teacher module where quizzes, questionnaires and resource materials are assembled and a class module where students logon (via the website or app) to take part in the poll. Our demonstration had

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iDoceo Update

For all you iDoceo users out there, version 3 is available for download and it looks like a beauty. There’s a bunch of iPad classroom organisation / mark-books / programs out there but I’ve stuck with iDoceo because: It’s fully featured – I’m still finding things it can do and experimenting with the possibilities. It’s

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Daisy the Dinosaur: Programming for (Lower) Primaries

What it is: an iPad app for introducing programming concepts. Who it’s for: F-2 students (or older students with no programming background) Australian Curriculum link:  “Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems.” (ACTDIP004)   This little (and free) introduction-to-programming app has lots going for it. It’s aimed at

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Top 5 iPad apps for learning Japanese

Last year’s school exchange to Okayama prefecture in Japan inspired me to once again start learning Japanese. But where to start? Our South Australian state library  ‘One Card’ online booking system threw up some useful book resources but I needed more. So off to the Apple app store I went. And found… Rather a lot.

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My first attempts at creating an animated visual of a journey (some 15 years ago) were laborious and frustrating and involved taking multiple screenshots of a small plane graphic as I moved it across a blurry background map. Now you can purchase dedicated map-journey software such as PriMap or use freebie (yay!) online tools such

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Erols Singers Studio

As a music teacher, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that my singing voice is most definitely not up to scratch. In fact ‘scratch’ is probably a fair assessment of the tonal range and pitch qualities! I’ve tried a few iPad apps in the hope they might – at the very least – provide me

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FastEver Snap

Each week I take photos of our Primary School merit cards for inclusion in the school newsletter. I usually use my iPhone, but I really don’t need the high resolution the camera provides; 640 x 480 would be more than enough. The iPhone doesn’t provide this ‘downgrading’ of functionality itself, so I’ve been using the nifty

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As much as I love my iPad (and I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Windows PC person) the lack of ease in transferring photos to applications is frustrating, to say the least. The issue this time was iDoceo, a brilliant marks book / electronic portfolio / lesson planner which I’ve been using for a while. I had all

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