Harmony Day Song

March 21 is Harmony Day in Australia, a special day to celebrate our ethnic diversity, a day to remind ourselves that ‘everybody belongs’ and ‘everybody is welcome’. In our school we celebrate Harmony Day by sharing stories, games, music and oranges with the children from all our nearby schools. This set of resources is a

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The Saddest Song Ever

Spotify has algorithms for anaylsing and aggregating song content. This BBC article uses the data to find the ‘saddest song’ ever. There’s lots of potential ideas here for integrating maths and music. BBC website: Can data reveal the saddest song ever?

Learning DMX

We’ve just purchased a DMX enabled follow-spot for our school drama area. It’s just shame my brain isn’t DMX enabled to operate it! There’s quite a few tutorials around but this one from UniqueSquared (the first in a series of five) is short, pithy and has turkeys! The second video covers DMX addressing: The third

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Earth Sandwich

For the uninitiated, an ‘Earth Sandwich’ is created when “two slices of bread are simultaneously placed on opposite sides of the Earth” with of course the obligatory ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ from the two people on different sides of the world. Like these below from the Irish Examiner news site. There’s lots of info

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Climbing Kanchenjunga

Climbing Kanchenjunga The R-6 students 'Climbed Kanchnejunga' today- in fact they overshot the summit by 2000m! All up, the students completed over 450 circuits of the trek up the Ardrossan Road hill into Maitland, with some individuals doing eleven laps of the 800m course. A big thank you to the Davies family for their help

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Australian Song Lyrics Analysis

Two questions. Who is Australia’s most erudite lyricist? And how can you embed the General Capabilities in secondary music lessons? Aussie Song Lyric Readability In answer to the first (but no spoliers here, let me tell you) you’ll need to read all the way to the bottom of  How complex are Aussie song lyrics? Analysis shows

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Music Scale Posters featured on TES

My set of free Music Scale Charts was featured on TES, just in time for back-to-school. Each pages features a different key signature, with additional sharps and flats being highlighted and named. Looks great when displayed as the circle of fifths! You can download it at TES or below.

Radik Tyulush

A big shout out to Radik Tyulush, a truly gifted Tuvanese musician who gave me permission to use his photograph in my A-Z Musical Instruments Poster Pack. (I is for Igil!) He learned throat singing and playing the Igil from his grandfather and since graduating from the Kyzyl School of Arts performed in the folk groups “Tyva”, “Yat-

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Free Music Resources

Matthew Hindson, Composer. Deputy Dean at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Curator, Australian Music Program has a number of useful free music resources on his blog. Free Manuscript Paper: Five different styles including a compact 18 stave version. Free Music Fonts: There are 14 different fonts including a recorder fingering font, a guitar strings font,

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