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I’ve tried a stack of news aggregators – Flipboard, Pulse, Currents, NewsMix, Hitpad and more – but Zite’s the only one that stays on my home page and the only one I open and read every day.

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So what make’s Zite my personal favourite?

It’s not the layout (Flipboard is better), the interface (HitPad rocks) or the news sources (Currents has more).

Nope, it’s the way Zite learns what I find interesting (upvote / downvote), what tags are important to me (‘show me more…’) and the ease with which I can share the articles, esepcially to Pocket, Email, FaceBook and Evernote.

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Some suggested topics: iPad, Education, Pedagogy, Technology, NASA, Science News, Professional Development, Literacy, Special Education, Science Education.

If you can’t find a specific topic, search for topics like Maths / Science / Education / Leadership etc.

Zite is free and should be on educator’s iPad.

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