Velcro Storage

Velcro (sorry, ‘Hook & Loop’)  dots and strips are hugely versatile items in any classroom.

  • My students’ names are attached to desks, step charts, monitor charts with Velcro.
  • Displays are mounted onto pinup boards with Velcro.
  • Games are constructed with Velcro pieces.
  • Tray labels are attached with Velro.

Storage can be a bit of an issue though, with Velcro quickly sticking to its opposite number. My solution?

  1. I keep the boxes the ‘Hook & Loop’ variety comes in (Cheap As Chips, $2.50 a box).
  2. I open the boxes carefully and fold the lids down into the box. This strengtehns the edge.
  3. I then staple the boxes together into a 4 x 2 grid.

Each box contains one, and just one sort of fastener: hook dots, hook strips, loop dots, loop strips. If you buy both black and white you can also sort by colour. Result: easy to find, easy to store. The picture above shows the boxes in a just-the-right-size plastic tub. Note the cable loops at the top right. Very handy in the classroom. Here are the boxes prior to stapling: