Year 2 Technology: The Three Pigs

The Three Pigs is a wonderfully rich starting point for a technology and design unit. Students can investigate house plans, material strength, hinges and how they work, cooking utensils, wolf-trap making and lots more!

Here’s the unit sheet for the Year 2 topic I taught, complete with simple rubric and parental explanation.

orange-download Technology Plan: The Three Pigs (Word docx)

Three Pig technology plan.

Classy Glass Interface

With so many teachers debating the value of even an iPad in the classroom, this video is going to appear just a little far-fetched. But hold onto your scepticism and watch the video through  to at least 5:35 where the teacher (with a wall wide / high interactive whiteboard) starts throwing a rainbow round like a pack of cards and the students grab colours from it to make their own palettes. Sigh. Beautiful.

Oh, and the trick with the music in the car is pretty nifty too.