Stitcher iconI found Stitcher while searching for Radio apps to use with my Year 9 class.

Stitcher archives radio talk shows, drama shows, documentaries and news programs then ‘stitches’ them together to create your own personalised radio station. And to think I used to do this with a Hanimex tape-recorder and an AM radio!

The content is USA-centric but there’s such a huge range of topics here you’re bound to find something to fascinate.

I set up my station in 30 seconds flat by selecting three topics of interest. Had my first win a minute later when I saw they had the TWIT (This Week in Tech) broadcasts. It’s playing in the backgroundas I write this.

Live radio is an option, you can save favourites and see what’s hot in the lisetning-to-words world.

Stitcher is free, so what’s not to like?

Stitcher Screenshot

Stitcher Screenshot