Spot the Station

ISS Spot the Station Home pageNASA has a handy service so you can know ‘when to look up’ and see the International Space Station.

  1. Head on over to
  2. Clock the ‘Sign up for alerts’ button.
  3. Select your country, state / region and city. As a proud South Australian I was limited to four somewhat peculiar choices: Adelaide, Leigh Creek, Peterborough and Woomera. Hopefully your country’s selections aren’t quite so geographically puzzling!
  4. The next screen offers Email or SMS but the SMS services are restricted – I think – to the USA.
  5. Finally review your information, agree to two conditions and you’re almost done.
  6. NASA will send a confirmation email your way. Click the confirmation link, enter the info and you’ll now recieve a notification when the ISS is observable from your location.

Happy ISS viewing!

Stunning footage of Saturn

This is a must watch black and white video made up of thousandsof photos taken by the Cassini space probe. It’s evocative and moving, whilst being serenely contemplative. And although sound travels in a vacuum only in SciFi movies, if there is a Music of the Spheres soundtrackyou can channel on your next Saturn flybythis’s will be it.