Animal Classification Posters


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My  students are studying Animal Classification as part of their Year 7 Science lessons. I made this set of posters detailing the attributes of the more common vertebrates for the classroom.

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Earthquakes Title Bulletin Board Poster

Here’s a  poster of the heading ‘Earthquakes’, suitable for bulletin boards and wall displays.

You can either download the png file or the pdf which has pairs of letters on each page.

The png would be suitable for printing up to A3 size.

The pdf is high resolution. A4 page print outs will make a poster (once assembled) approximately 1.8m long. A3 printouts will make a poster over 2m long.


Earthquake Unit Title (pdf file, approx 4mb)

Earthquakes Unit Title (png file)

Stunning footage of Saturn

This is a must watch black and white video made up of thousandsof photos taken by the Cassini space probe. It’s evocative and moving, whilst being serenely contemplative. And although sound travels in a vacuum only in SciFi movies, if there is a Music of the Spheres soundtrackyou can channel on your next Saturn flybythis’s will be it.