Easy Portfolio app – it’s a start


Easy Portfolio is an app for collecting and storing student portfolio. It’s a good start but unfortunately it’s not quite ready for intense classroom use.

The good

  • You can add portfolio names (probably one per student / one per project.
  • You can add a range of document types namely video, photos, documents, urls, notes and audio.
  • You can add multiple photos, docs and videos at one time.
  • You can sort, rename, delete,email and save documents.
  • You can import from Dropbox. But not everything.
  • iPhone / iPad app in one.

The not so good:

  • Inconsistent interface makes for a confusing ride. And there are save buttons. Save buttons on an iPad? I don’t need save buttons! If I change my mind I’ll just delete the entry.
  • It takes a minimum of eight taps to add, say, a video. More if you want to rename the video. And did I mention saving? One of those taps is a save button. Forget the save button and you have to start again.
  • You can’t sort the portfolio names. Thirty students in random order? I think not.
  • You can’t select a student and then add multiple items – you have to select a portfolio each time.
  • You can’t select a document type then add multiple versions to different portfolios (such as a set of class photos). I can imagine this getting very aggravating when entering a lot of material.


Give it a try, because it’s heading in the right direction and feedback ideas to the developers because there’s certainly potential here, but not quite the actuality.