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My Google alert feed on all things Rapa Nui (my latest musical ‘Compass Rose’  is set there) suggested this great Kickstarter Project: ‘Vai –  The Story of Water On Rapa Nui‘.

Paleoecologist Dr. Candice Gossen plans to create a documentary film covering 15,000 years of Rapa Nui history and, in her own words:

“Tell you a story, a new story about what I found deep down in the mud below the waters of the crater lake Rano Kao“.

With so much speculation and misinformation regarding Rapa Nui and its tragic history, this seems to be a most worthwhile project to get behind.

Personally, I’ve plumped for the tree gift ($25 or more) as Rapa Nui needs all the trees it can get!

Take a look yourself and consider making a pledge.


Vai – The Story of Water on rapa Nui: Kickstarter website screenshot.



One thought on “Rapanui Kickstarter Project

  1. Anderson

    Hi Andrea, I just popped in bceause I saw your plea for explanations on Sarah Klassen’s blog. But now I am gob-smacked by the beauty of this place. Always been fascinated by the sad history of Easter Island – and this hotel is beautiful beyond description. Will check it out in a minute, but first to the winter/summer dates confusion. In the northern hemisphere, summer and winter dates start with the solstice (the longest and shortest days of the year, respectively). Which is why summer starts in the middle of June for them. But in the southern hemisphere, it was decided in the 18th century that splitting the seasons into 4 lots of 3 months each, starting on the 1st day of the month, would be more representative. So yesterday was the Summer Solstice/ first day of Summer in the northern hemisphere, and simply our shortest day of the year, or our Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere. Confusing, isn’t it?Cheerio, Virginia

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