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iDoceo IconFor all you iDoceo users out there, version 3 is available for download and it looks like a beauty.

There’s a bunch of iPad classroom organisation / mark-books / programs out there but I’ve stuck with iDoceo because:

  • It’s fully featured – I’m still finding things it can do and experimenting with the possibilities.
  • It’s easy to navigate around – essential for in-classroom use.
  • It’s been updated regularly – the developers are not sitting on their laurels!

But for me, the killer part is – and has always been – the rich multimedia capture. As a Science / Drama / Music teacher I need the ability to record video, audio and take photos. iDoceo delivers this in spades, and (hi-hip-hooray!) has expanded this in the latest update.

Resources Button

Now we’ve got a fully fledged media organiser!

Yep, tap the Resources icon and you can see a complete list of all the photos, videos and photos you’ve taken or imported. You can filter by classes, diary or students and use the buttons to erase, move, copy or add. You can use the built in Web Server to upload / download resources, a huge time saver. You can also open the resources directly into a wide range of other apps (EverNote, DropBox, Edmodo, Google Drive and more). Brilliant!


There’s more of course. (List of what’s new in version 3.1)

  • New timeline
  • Diary / planner manipulation
  • Link from files on your iPad
  • Bulletin board enhancements – zoom in and out
  • Quick backup options
  • Improved seating plan reports
  • New calculations – rank, compare
  • Improved editing flow – less screen tapping!
  • Calculator

So if you’re iDoceo user, backup up installation and download this. If you’re not an iDoceo user, you’re missing out on a brilliant classroom resource.

PS Just a suggestion to iDoceo though – change the icon. A blackboard and chalk metaphor? In 2014?

4 thoughts on “iDoceo Update

  1. Maybe you could please help me.

    I really want to convert to iDoceo, my only issue is getting my planner to my Principal in an electronic form that is readable and contains all the text. I’m only hoping this one sticking point will see me unable to use what seems like a fabulous app.

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. Hi Helen, iDoceo isn’t perfect – some features are still cumbersome or awkwardly implemented. But by golly, the iDoceo team is responsive and always on the lookout for ways to make their product work better. The app al;ready has a heap of export features and the pdf options may be just what you’re looking for.

  3. Sadly no. I was told by iDoceo to stick with the program I am currently using. Money wasted.

  4. So sorry to hear that Helen. Our school administration is more relaxed with the formats we use. I have a combination of iDoeco, traditional planner and a well word diary. If you find a product that fulfills your requirements, please let me know.

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