Sync Music Playlists – collapsing all

When I sync my iTunes playlists with my iPad or iPhone, the playlists are – by default – all expanded. Collapsing these, all scrolling to the bottom can be quite frustrating and time consuming. However… Clicking with Ctrl + Down Arrow on any of the expand / collapse triangles will collapse all the playlists. Brilliant!

SunSmart Training

It’s the summer term here in Australia, which means students have to wear hats during playtime at school. The SunSmart site came up while researching ideas for ‘No Hat/ No Play’ signs for our schoolyard. After a quick registration, I completed the online teacher training. It’s pretty basic – quizzes, animations, text to read – but provides

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Music Alphabet Cards

“Music Mind Games” (Michiko Yurko, Warner Bros Publications) is an outstanding resource for any music educator, especially so if you’re planning on teaching any aspect of music theory. With its emphasis on cooperative learning, hands-on games and ‘joyful learning’ the simple, focused and fun games can be used to teach everything from the basic music alphabet

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Spot the Station

NASA has a handy service so you can know ‘when to look up’ and see the International Space Station. Head on over to Clock the ‘Sign up for alerts’ button. Select your country, state / region and city. As a proud South Australian I was limited to four somewhat peculiar choices: Adelaide, Leigh Creek, Peterborough

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Silent Movies, Musicless Videos & Bad Lip Reading

My current middle school performing arts unit is on Film Sound and traditionally students demonstrate their knowledge of Foley sound by recording a short video and adding sound effects to it. This year we’ve utilised the rich diversity that is youtube and made use of the many silent movies, musicless videos and bad-lip reading videos

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Socrative polling app

I saw the Socrative student polling app demonstrated at the Music Ednet ‘Daytime‘ music conference. Socrative is free (basic use) and consists of a teacher module where quizzes, questionnaires and resource materials are assembled and a class module where students logon (via the website or app) to take part in the poll. Our demonstration had

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Australian Curriculum Music & Drama Skills / Knowledge Overviews

First term is program writing term. With existing courses in desperate need of alignment, I used the information on the Australian Curriculum site to create a short, easy to read summaries of the relevant Music Skills & Knowledge and Drama Skills & Knowledge. The summaries are in pdf format; contact me for the editable Word documents.  R-8 Drama

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