6/7 Tech Crew Triumph

6/7 Tech Crew Triumph

There are teaching days when … sigh. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.

Then there are days – or at least moments when … sigh. Are these kids amazing or what?

The R-2 class taking the weekly assembly were pretty amazing. Some are only in their first few weeks at school, and there they are, using wireless microphones, introducing puppet plays, demonstrating tallies and time-telling and singing songs. It’s all a long way from my memories of young abject terror at being on stage.

video cameraThen there were the 6/7s. We have a core group of three boys who run the PA system. They also set up for assemblies (chairs, staging etc), organise the house tally and update the PowerPoint, run the laptop, run the lighting and generally have a great time. My input is mainly reminders about keeping an eye on volume and not leaning back in chairs at the mixing console.

But this week I’d finally found the cables I needed to interface our old Panasonic video camera (tape no less) with the Performing Art Centre’s projector. For the technically minded I ran an S-video cable from the camera to a s-video to VGA convertor box and from there plugged directly into the wall socket that feeds the projector. So for this assembly we needed a video operator. ‘J’ was the boy and what a job he did. Beautiful zooms, pans, wide shots.

PA CrewMeanwhile, with one PA member away we needed an additional person to run the laptop with the PowerPoint presentation. Oh, and they also had to disconnect the video feed every time we swapped to the laptop. ‘B’ was the girl and she worked brilliantly under pressure. ()Then apologised to the teacher who’d made the PowerPoint that she hadn’t been able to use every slide.

I added in ‘E’ on a Flip Video camera to record the event and she took her role very seriously, though admitted being frustrated by not being able to zoom in like the Panasonic could. We’ll have to fix that sometime.

So there we were. We had a video camera feed froma¬† tripod and a laptop feed to the main screen. (Parents impressed with closeups of the younger kids). We had full lighting run from an Axiom console courtesy of B2′ – very ahndy when got to the puppet show. We had two wireless mics and two podium mics run by ‘C’, who also had to replace batteries half way through the assembly and we had a recording camera on a tripod capturing the whole event for prosperity. And these are 12 year old students, and they run the technical gear like troupers, talk to each other, worry about quality and want to know if we can have headsets – to improve communication.

So as I said … sigh. Amazing!

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