3D – Literally – Font

Some of the assembled 3D letters

Some of the assembled 3D letters

Here’s a 3D font that really pops out of the page; especially after you’ve printed, cut and glued them together.

Punched Out is a very apt name for this clever typeface which includes all the cut lines and folding lines you need to turn flat print outs into a solid – and real – block letters.

Uses? Make a setup for class display boards .. print them out for your students and have them make their name in 3D (good practice for using craft knives, scoring folding and gluing) … experiment with scale … deconstruct the design and make new a brand new version.

I created an alphabet in Word, enlarged each letter up to A4 size and printed them out.

Next I copied each student’s initial letter onto thin white card.

The students decorated the letters, scored the dotted lines using scissors and ruler then cut them out. We’ve been using craft knives for a while and the class is finding these easier to use than cutting.

Assembling the letters was tricky, and we soon discovered sticky tape was quicker and easier than glue.

Some of the designs were outstanding; the PacMan game (very old school!) and the yellow and black diagonal stripes were particularly clever.

Punched Out page


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