Dashboard is a beautiful (and sort-of-free-depending ) iOS6 app with both iPad and iPhone versions available.

It offers a one-stop-view for your email, Facebook, weather, news, notes, to-do-lists and more, all on  customisable and relatively easy to navigate screens.

I started with Dashboard for  iPad. I’t slick right up (looking a lot like the Wunderlist) and exudes a professional feeling. I started customising the first screen and added a Calendar, Time and weather panel. Each panel can fit across any combination of each screen’s eight-module areas, so you could  feasibly have eight panels per screen. I chose to have four on the first (home) screen), two on the next screen and a single custom panelon the third. Panels can be easily resized and deleted – lots of fun!

An email seemed a logical inclusion, but an email pack is part of Dashboard’s in-app purchase.


Still, a couple of bucks isn’t a lot to ask considering the app is free (at the moment) and a quick trip to the app store netted me a Gmail panel, a Check List panel and a Notes panel. You can have up to eight screens and the settings section includes a half-decent Help file, a variety of background themes and the option to turn off the button sounds. The custom module allows you to add specific urls as panels a worthwhile feature in its own right.

I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far and I guess more panels will become available if the demand warrants it. The only hiccups I had were 1)  having to read the Help file to work out how to add additional screens (drag a screen to the left until ‘Add Screen’ appears. Doh!) and 2) a lag with the

Give Dashboard a spin, it could be just the thing you need to collect you busy life in one place.

YouTube clip: Editing in Dashboard

On the App Store: Dashboard