Olympic Sports Symbol Posters

Olympic Posters screenshot

Here’s a free set of Olympic sports symbol posters.

Each poster features a graphic symbol of the sporting event, the name of the sport and a photo of a piece of equipment used in that sport.

Great for decorating the Olympic classroom!

Lesson ideas:


  • Spot the Sport: Divide into teams. Each team attempts to guess the sport from the symbol alone. A correct guess wins the card.
  • Sports Charades: Divide into teams. Place even piles of cards, face down,  a distance from each team. On the command players race to the pile, turn over the top card and return to their team. Players then try to guess the mimed sport. As soon as it’s guessed the next player races to the pile. First team finished is the winner.


  • Designing sports: Using the cards as a model, design symbols for other sports or events. Focus on clarity and how easily recognisable the sport is.
  • Supersize Me: Make larger versions of the posters for a classroom display. Introduce enlarging techniques such as the grid or the pantograph for students to experiment with.

Olympic Sports Symbols Download

Link to resource at TES


Easy Portfolio app – it’s a start


Easy Portfolio is an app for collecting and storing student portfolio. It’s a good start but unfortunately it’s not quite ready for intense classroom use.

The good

  • You can add portfolio names (probably one per student / one per project.
  • You can add a range of document types namely video, photos, documents, urls, notes and audio.
  • You can add multiple photos, docs and videos at one time.
  • You can sort, rename, delete,email and save documents.
  • You can import from Dropbox. But not everything.
  • iPhone / iPad app in one.

The not so good:

  • Inconsistent interface makes for a confusing ride. And there are save buttons. Save buttons on an iPad? I don’t need save buttons! If I change my mind I’ll just delete the entry.
  • It takes a minimum of eight taps to add, say, a video. More if you want to rename the video. And did I mention saving? One of those taps is a save button. Forget the save button and you have to start again.
  • You can’t sort the portfolio names. Thirty students in random order? I think not.
  • You can’t select a student and then add multiple items – you have to select a portfolio each time.
  • You can’t select a document type then add multiple versions to different portfolios (such as a set of class photos). I can imagine this getting very aggravating when entering a lot of material.


Give it a try, because it’s heading in the right direction and feedback ideas to the developers because there’s certainly potential here, but not quite the actuality.