Picasa Tutorials

Picasa’s been a permanent part of my PC since it first came out many years ago.

It’s easy to use, has plenty of tools for photo manipulation, a (relatively) easy to operate filing system and it’s free. So what’s not to like?

One of the gems of flash features which your students (and probably you too) will like is the picture pile function.

I wrote two sample pages on this feature for an unpublished book on utilising freeware in the classroom. Download and enjoy!

Picasa picture pile tutorial part 1      Picasa picture pile tutorial part 2

Marionettes – take two

The marionettes the year 6/7 students are making are nearing completion.

This project has certainly captured their interest and I think the combination of tools use (pliers, side cutters, knives, hot glue guns etc), technical issues (stringing, balance, weight distribution) and aesthetics (painting, costume making and props) has meant there’s been something for everyone.

I’m impressed with the problem solving that’s gone on, the sharing of techniques (inserting eyelets is TRICKY without a power drill) and the support they’ve given each other along the way.

We’ve also covered logic too. So just because your puppet / controller / lower marionette limb has gone missing doesn’t automatically mean there’s a nefarious puppet thief loose in the classroom. Especially when you find the missing pieces not soon after…

6/7 Tech Crew Triumph

There are teaching days when … sigh. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.

Then there are days – or at least moments when … sigh. Are these kids amazing or what?

The R-2 class taking the weekly assembly were pretty amazing. Some are only in their first few weeks at school, and there they are, using wireless microphones, introducing puppet plays, demonstrating tallies and time-telling and singing songs. It’s all a long way from my memories of young abject terror at being on stage.

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