Choice was one of the first apps I ever downloaded for my iPhone and for a free app, it’s certainly been one of the most useful. Operation is simple; up to five people place a finger each on the screen. Grey dots form under their fingertips. the dots flash on and off then just

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A simulated FM radio station

We’re in the process of establishing a radio station at school. I’ve established some links with the wonderful people at our local FM station GulfFM and we’re hoping to have a low-powered community FM station set up in the next 12 months. In the meantime I’ve put together some equipment in one of our practice

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iPads and Interactive Whiteboards

The Whiteboard Blog compares three ways of using your iPad with an interactive whiteboard. While I have a PC connected to the whiteboard in the classroom, it only gets used for PowerPoint and program demonstrations. For playing music examples and video clips, my iPad is the gadget of choice. (CineX player is a slick video

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