Dinosaur Shadow Puppets

Made up some dinosaur shadow puppets for the R/1/2 class to play with as part of their puppet unit. The KNK Maxx cutter is quite amazing once you can stop it ripping the card up on the fiddly bits!

The dinosaurs are from Lettering Delights. they were simplified in Adobe Illustrator then cut out using ‘Make the Cut’ software. Make the Cut is workable but a touch frustrating after using Corel Draw or Illustrator; you really have to approach it with a different headset.

I’m still discovering new features though and since it can readily import ai files, it’s easy enough to do the tricky stuff in Illustrator first.

Sample shadow puppets

Zombie with brain

Sample shadow puppets

Diplodocus and pterodactyl

Shadow puppets of dinosaurs

And two more dinosaurs...


Stunning footage of Saturn

This is a must watch black and white video made up of thousandsof photos taken by the Cassini space probe. It’s evocative and moving, whilst being serenely contemplative. And although sound travels in a vacuum only in SciFi movies, if there is a Music of the Spheres soundtrackyou can channel on your next Saturn flybythis’s will be it.