Key Signature Charts

Need to fill in a vacant board in the Music Room?

Try this 15 sheet set of key signature charts.

Each chart features the major and related minor key, the sharps / flats (in both symbols and letters) and a smart red border (very essential…). The last added sharp or flat is highlighted in red for easy spotting.

The charts look great mounted in a circle and you can elect to have the enharmonic keys included.

Key Signature Posters (493kb)

Dramatic Music App (Ta Da!)

Dramatic Music App is a bright, colourful and easy-to-use soundboard, just perfect for the Drama classroom and a steal (cue ‘suspense’) at just $0.99

It features four main screens with speech-bubble shaped buttons that activate a comprehensive range of usefully dramatic music. The music is high quality (and sounds even better through a decent set of speakers) and both teachers and students will find it easy to access. Operation is a breeze; tap once to start (the button changes colour) and tap again to end. Continue reading