3D – Literally – Font

Some of the assembled 3D letters

Some of the assembled 3D letters

Here’s a 3D font that really pops out of the page; especially after you’ve printed, cut and glued them together.

Punched Out is a very apt name for this clever typeface which includes all the cut lines and folding lines you need to turn flat print outs into a solid – and real – block letters.

Uses? Make a setup for class display boards .. print them out for your students and have them make their name in 3D (good practice for using craft knives, scoring folding and gluing) … experiment with scale … deconstruct the design and make new a brand new version.

I created an alphabet in Word, enlarged each letter up to A4 size and printed them out.

Next I copied each student’s initial letter onto thin white card.

The students decorated the letters, scored the dotted lines using scissors and ruler then cut them out. We’ve been using craft knives for a while and the class is finding these easier to use than cutting.

Assembling the letters was tricky, and we soon discovered sticky tape was quicker and easier than glue.

Some of the designs were outstanding; the PacMan game (very old school!) and the yellow and black diagonal stripes were particularly clever.

Punched Out page

R-7 Drama Targets

Drama Targets iconThe Utah State Office of Education has some excellent Drama and Music curriculum documents.

A few years ago I found their ‘Drama Target’ sheets (apparently no longer available) whicR-7 Drama Targets Sample Sheeth featured simplified versions of their Drama outcomes, organised for recording students achievement and progress. These impressed me so much I made my own versions using outcomes from the South Australian SACSA curriculum.

The pdf file here has a single page for each student at year level. There’s a check list of Drama-specific vocabulary, room to list performances (class, school or public), room for notes and simplified versions of the six Drama outcomes with suggested activity-indicators that could be used as evidence of achieving a particular strand.





Stitcher iconI found Stitcher while searching for Radio apps to use with my Year 9 class.

Stitcher archives radio talk shows, drama shows, documentaries and news programs then ‘stitches’ them together to create your own personalised radio station. And to think I used to do this with a Hanimex tape-recorder and an AM radio!

The content is USA-centric but there’s such a huge range of topics here you’re bound to find something to fascinate.

I set up my station in 30 seconds flat by selecting three topics of interest. Had my first win a minute later when I saw they had the TWIT (This Week in Tech) broadcasts. It’s playing in the backgroundas I write this.

Live radio is an option, you can save favourites and see what’s hot in the lisetning-to-words world.

Stitcher is free, so what’s not to like?

Stitcher Screenshot

Stitcher Screenshot

Dinosaur Shadow Puppets

Made up some dinosaur shadow puppets for the R/1/2 class to play with as part of their puppet unit. The KNK Maxx cutter is quite amazing once you can stop it ripping the card up on the fiddly bits!

The dinosaurs are from Lettering Delights. they were simplified in Adobe Illustrator then cut out using ‘Make the Cut’ software. Make the Cut is workable but a touch frustrating after using Corel Draw or Illustrator; you really have to approach it with a different headset.

I’m still discovering new features though and since it can readily import ai files, it’s easy enough to do the tricky stuff in Illustrator first.

Sample shadow puppets

Zombie with brain

Sample shadow puppets

Diplodocus and pterodactyl

Shadow puppets of dinosaurs

And two more dinosaurs...


Music Essentials – Arranging

Cover of the book 'Music Essentials - Arranging'

Cover of Music Essentials - Arranging

Arranging is one of two creative secondary music titles I’ve written for Blake Education.

It was written with Year 9-10 in mind, but could be readily adpated for younger students with more music experience.

It’s fully photocopiable, so you can make your own arranging booklets or cherry-pick the material for inclusion in your own courses.

Chapter topics include:

Transposing, Chords, Keyboard Styles, Chord Inversions, Chord Inversions at Work, The Keyboard Accompaniment, Bass guitar, The Guitar Part, Guitar TAB, Drums, Counter Melody, Fills, Harmony, Finale Notepad, Templates and a Reference Page.

My aim for the book was for students to complete an actual arrangement, learning skills in transposing, writing accompaniments and creating melody fills. The book works equally well with paper or software and Finale Notepad which is mentioned in the book has now had some serious updates to it, as is once again free.

Here’s what Blake have to say about it:

Music Essentials: Arranging includes activities relating to arranging; transposing; chords and chord inversions; accompaniment styles; notation for guitar, bass and drums; and harmony and counter melodies. Creative approaches to learning the skills of songwriting and arranging that don’t require additional equipment and only basic note reading skills. Covers everything students need to start composing their own songs, including lyrics, tunes and chord progressions. Elements of music theory – such as major scales, blues scales and basic chord construction – are also woven into the activities to provide a solid theoretical foundation. A key feature of this series are the suggested ways in which to integrate notation software and freeware into music lessons.

Music Essentials – Arranging is available from www.blake.com.au for around $40

Safari Finger Puppets

Safari Finger PuppetsThese little creatures caught my eye in the Adelaide Airport today. A bit(!) pricey at AUD $10 for just four cardboard puppets but I figured my Year 6 students can reverse engineer them and make their own.

The fact they’re made from cardboard rather than cloth or foam is very clever and the movement mechanism would make a whole Deign & Technology lesson in itself.

I haven’t seem them in shops anywhere else but did locate them online at NPW where they also have some cute Dino and Farm finger puppets.

There are also some intriguing hand puppets there too, all made from cardboard.


Story Sections Posters

This set of three posters outlines the three basic sections of a story: Orientation, Complication and Resolution.

Each poster has a scout / camping themed picture, the title in large red letters and features a simpler title in blue and components of the section in black.

  1. Orientation (beginning): ‘Scene, setting, situation, characters’.
  2. Complication (middle): ‘Problem, Difficulty, ‘Obstacle’.
  3. Resolution (End): ‘Solution, Settlement, Conclusion’.

Story Sections posters (2.29Mb)

Dance Vocabulary: Relationships Posters

Download this colourful Dance Vocabulary poster set.

  • Poster 1 illustrates the WHO of dance relationships: are you dancing with yourself, a partner or a group?
  • Poster 2 suggests things to move with, such as a hoop, a ball, a stick, a chair or a cloth.
  • Poster 3 explores the nature of the relationship. Is it mirrored? Facing? Advancing? Retreating? Or circling?

Posters are in full colour, feature clowns and clear graphics.

Dance Vocabulary: Relationship Posters (5Mb)